Sunday March 29 , 2015
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Routing Software for Delivery, Collection, & Distribution

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Activities such as vending machine delivery service, BtoB delivery, industrial laundry delivery, medical reps, pharmacists delivery, cleaning services, etc. are businesses where response time, productivity and management are key for profitability. We have the most advanced Delivery Routing Software and Collection / Distribution Routing Software.  


  • How can you route for more deliveries or collections without increasing your fleet, or make the same volume of deliveries with fewer vehicles ?
  • What's the best delivery sequence for your routes ?
  • How to rapidly and automatically locate your customers delivery address on a map ?
  • How to sectorize/recalculate your zones in compact geographic areas to balance the number of customers, deliveries, routes, revenue or workload, ... ?
  • How to quickly optimize the overall operational cost of a route delivery service, while taking into account customer and vehicle/driver constraints and requirements ?
  • How to save enough time to make delivery to additional customers ?
  • How to insert a new customer in a planned & scheduled route ?
  • How to use geographical information in your enterprise information system ?
  • Is it possible to track your vehicle in real time and know which visits have been processed ? How to automatically measure the gap between the forecasted and the actual driven route and tune future optimization route planning ?
  • Will this Route Delivery Software meet my needs ?

You need the answers. With the award winning and easy to use Delivery Routing Software: C2RouteApp, you can:

  • Create routes that maximize fleet efficiency and capacity
  • Meet customer time windows and delivery days
  • Match vehicles with customer needs (i.e. lift gate, forklift...)
  • Manage multiple quanities and capacities
  • Create fixed routes or dynamic routes
  • Create routes that respect drive time limits  
  • Route for up to 64 business days at once

We have the answers to these questions. With C2RouteApp Routing Software we can help you to solve any and all of your Delivery, Collection and Distribution routing problems.


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