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What is C2RouteApp®?

  • C2RouteApp® is a web based route optimization solution which was developed to allow companies of any size the ability to take advantage of technology what was previously only available to large corporations to route vehicles and/or workers in the most efficient, economical way.  The solution was built to be easy to use and cost effective.  Most customers achieve a 10 to 25% savings over manual or other routing methods

How much cost savings can I expect from optimizing my routes using C2RouteApp®?

  • Total operating costs can often be expected to be cut from 10 to 25% on average and in some cases even greater savings can be achieved.  These savings stem from a reduction in labor and benefits cost, fuel costs, mileage and maintenance costs,  vehicle costs, and time spent creating routes.   Because of these hard cost savings, there are many soft cost savings including extending the useful life of your fleet.

How is C2RouteApp® different from other routing software?

  • C2RouteApp® optimizes routes for multiple vehicles over multiple days without having to pre-allocate the points to a specific vehicle.  Some other routing software can only optimize a sequence of points in an itinerary for one vehicle.  Furthermore, C2RouteApp® takes over 100 constraints and parameters into account while calculating the most cost-effective routes.

What does the term "Route Optimization" mean?

  • "Route Optimization" is the development of routes to manage all planned stops for various businesses that have requirements to go to locations (stops) away from their "Home" office or location.  The result of the optimized routes are the most economical paths to reach all of the stops within the particular parameters of the individual business and still complete the work on time and at the lowest possible cost.  These costs include but are not limited to, Labor, Fuel, Time, etc..

Can C2RouteApp® plan routes in advance?

  • YES!  C2Routeapp® can calculate optimal routes for one or more field worker or vehicle at the same time.  This can be done for one day, multiple days, weeks, or months in advance.

Can C2RouteApp® take the capacity of my trucks into account to make sure my deliveries or pickups will fit?

  • YES!  C2RouteApp® has the ability to use specific vehicle capacities for multiple items being delivered or collected.  

My customers have specific times of the day when they can be visited. Can C2RouteApp® accommodate these specific time visits and still optimize my routes?

  • YES!  C2RouteApp® allows the option to set specific times that any customer can be visited.  These can be set for each individual customer if needed.

Can C2RouteApp® take my vehicle inventory into account so that I can be sure that the right materials are on the vehicle when it gets to the desired location?

  • YES!  C2RouteApp® can account for planned inventory depletion for specific vehicles.

How do you input data into the application?

  • C2RouteApp® allows users to upload Home Base locations, stop locations, vehicles, or entire saved projects from Microsoft Excel files.  "Pushpins" are then displayed on the map for each location.  They can also be added individually through the interface.

I would like a tool to plan sales calls and visits well in advance. Some customers need to be visited multiple times per month. Can C2RouteApp® plan optimal routes for my sales force?

  • YES!  C2RouteApp® can plan and optimize sales calls for your sales force while taking the specific nuances of your business into account including visit frequency, appointment length, and appointment time into account.

What is the available geographic coverage?

  • Currently, C2RouteApp® is available for the entire US and Canada (including Hawaii, and Alaska.) 

How are customers located on the map?

  • Plotting locations on a map is achieved with C2RouteApp®'s highly accurate "geocoding" technology.  After specifying an address for a location, GPS coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) are created for each location.  Users can move locations on the map by dragging the pushpins while referencing detailed aerial satellite imagery.  You can also save your GPS coordinates so that you can maintain 100% accuracy.

Does C2RouteApp® provide driving directions and maps?

  • YES!  C2RouteApp® can plan and optimize sales calls for your sales force while taking the specific nuances of your business into account including visit frequency, appointment length, and appointment time into account.


Do you provide technical support?

  • YES!  We have a highly knowledgeable technical support team that is available for your assistance at 1-866-927-8324.

Is there a free C2RouteApp® demo?

  • YES!  We provide free online demonstrations of C2RouteApp®.  Feel free to contact us at 1-866-927-8324 to schedule your demonstration.  

Our routes require overnight travel to complete all of our customer visits. Can C2RouteApp® accommodate overnight routes?

  • YES!  C2RouteApp® does not force a route to start and return to the starting location every day.  It can accommodate routes where it makes more sense to spend nights out on the road due to drive-time, cost or distance from the starting location.  C2RouteApp® allows the user to dictate if and when the route will stay out overnight. C2RouteApp® will manage the routes so the drivers will stay compliant with Federal and Local, "hours of service," regulations.

How much does C2RouteApp® cost?

  • The typical cost is less than $1.50 per day.  For detailed pricing information, please contact us today at 1-866-927-8324.

How do I purchase C2RouteApp®?

  • C2RouteApp® is a service that is accessed over a common internet connection.  There is no special software required.  The costs for C2RouteApp® are based on the number of vehicles to be routed and are paid for monthly or annually. 


  • To purchase C2RouteApp® call us at 1-866-927-8324.

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