C2RouteApp® Routing Software


C2RouteApp® is a professional online routing software that can save your company a significant amount of money and make your operation as efficient as possible.  Annual savings of up to 25% of total operating expenses can be expected from optimizing your current routes with C2RouteApp® vehicle routing software.  Often the savings and Return on Investment are seen instantly after route optimization. 


Benefits that are derived from using C2RouteApp® Routing Software include:

  • Minimizing the number of vehicles and routes driven

  • Cutting labor and overtime costs

  • Decreasing fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, emissions, and miles driven

  • Reducing time spent routing and updating routes

  • Providing better overall service to customers and clients

  • Improving efficiency, productivity, and balance


How does C2RouteApp® Routing Software work?

  • Enter your data into the application (Home Base, Vehicles, Stops)

  • Enter your routing constraints and business rules into the software

  • Optimize routes for maximum efficiency

  • Use the software to make fine tune adjustments to your routes

  • Create maps, route driving directions, and statistical reports


Use C2RouteApp® Routing Software to create optimized routes that are:

  • Smart

  • Cost effective

  • Efficient

  • Balanced

  • Realistic


Routing Software Functionality:

  • Multiple Vehicles

    • Plan the most efficient routes for multiple vehicles simultaneously

  • Multiple Days

    • Create routes for days, weeks, or even months in advance.

  • Time Windows

    • Enter specific times that customers need to be visited to enhance customer service.

  • Start/End Locations

    • Set the start and end locations for each route.

  • Reloading

    • Have your vehicles reload or unload at designated locations.

  • Overnight Routes

    • Allow routes to stay out overnight if deemed more efficient.

  • Legal Driving Restrictions

    • Comply with restrictions and laws.

  • Deliveries/Pick-ups

    • Create routes for delivery, pickup or visit.

  • Characteristics

    • Ensure that vehicle match customers needs.

  • Capacity/Quantities

    • Set vehicle capacities and quantities to be delivered and picked-up.


Routing Software Outputs:

  • Turn-by-turn Travel Directions

  • Seamlessly dispatch optimized routes to TomTom PRO driver terminals.

  • Overlay planned routes vs’ actual routes with Webfleet

  • Export your optimized routes to a GPS device

  • Route Statistics reports

  • Truck Loading Plans

  • Detailed Maps


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