FleetRoute™ Overview


Why FleetRoute Routing Software?



Was this your fleet the last time you re-routed?

At C2Logix we have seen that often routes are handed down like family heirlooms from one generation to the next. One driver trains the next driver to run the route exactly as he was taught to run it; and the cycle continues. How many times have you heard "But thats the way we've always done it?" Optimizing your fleet's routes is often an afterthought for most organizations. We get calls daily from people that know that their routes are not effecient but they are not sure what can be done to fix them. Whether you seek Fleet Software Routing solutions for waste, newspaper, meter reading, or street sweepers, at C2Logix, Route Optimization is what we do.



FleetRoute™ Software Is Unique

FleetRoute™ represents the culmination of a decade of experience in designing, building, and most importantly - implementing fleet route optimization software for the waste industry. FleetRoute™ has been developed by waste industry veterans and leading geographic information system (GIS) experts.


FleetRoute™ is designed from the ground up to be a tool for assisting you in forming optimal routes for your entire fleet that meet your real world operating needs. Our philosophy is to create tools that utilize your knowledge and experience to generate useable routes - not simply routes dictated to you by a computer.



How Does FleetRoute™ Provide Better Routes for your fleet?

This goal is realized by using state-of-the-art feature-based object-oriented programming technology. In plain English this means that everything you deal with on a day-to-day basis, such as your trucks, depots, landfills, transfer stations, and even your customers, are represented by an object in the computer which has appropriate "characteristics" and "behaviors."


FleetRoute™ models the relationships between these objects and then applies advanced optimization techniques to solve your problems. At each step in this process you can intervene and apply your judgment and restrictions. For instance, if you want Joe’s route located around Maple Street, you simply drag his truck from the depot and drop it on Maple Street and FleetRoute™ automatically takes this request into account as it creates your routes. FleetRoute™ is designed to approach routing the way you would.


The results of this design philosophy are routes that are useable by you in the field immediately. After all, this is the bottom line for routing software.



Benefits of using FleetRoute™ Software

FleetRoute™ clients realize an average of 10-15% reduction in collection costs including:

  • Reduced number of trucks/crew in your Fleet

  • Reduced fuel maintenance costs for your Fleet

Many times this can be as high as 25% if coupled with other factors:

  • New disposal facility location

  • New Collection system or schedule

Other benefits of using to include:

  • Reduces time and cost of updating routes and rerouting

  • Reduce CO2 with reduced mileage

  • Integrates routing with customer service and billing

  • Improves quality control and management

  • Maintains customer service times and information

  • Increases accountability of crews

  • Standardizes procedures for routing, training and dispatching

  • Routing process becomes institutional asset


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